A Home with A Mind of Its Own


We are heading towards a future where our houses and homes will become part and parcel in assisting human beings to make work easier. What if you could control your whole house with only a press of a button or better still by just giving a voice command?  The western movies have vividly shown us how a technologized future may turn out to be and to be honest life will be sweeter without doing that extra thing like standing up to switch on your television on that lazy Sunday chill day.

Smart home technology is being adopted right, left and center by those whose pockets go deep enough to afford it because smart homes do not come cheap. They require budgeting for and if you don’t have sufficient funds to get the best systems out there, then my friend you will get the crazy deals that in the long run will only cause a dent in your financial status regarding repairs.

Smart homes devices such as lighting, thermostat, and carbon monoxide detectors among others are wireless. They basically try to eliminate the use of wires that may hang around the house that makes the home look less appealing. Smart home automation goes hand in hand with security.

A home with a mind - smart home

First on the list is the Amazon Echo. Powered by Alexa which primarily works with every tech gadget in your home. It is very handy, especially in the entertainment system sector. You can switch from one song to another just by giving out a voice command. Same goes for your smart television switching from one channel to another has never looked cooler and effortless. You do not have to move a muscle when on that ‘Netflix and chill’ moment.

Smart Home Decoration - Amazon Echo

Second on the list is the smart thermostat. With a mind and brain of its own, it controls and regulates the temperatures of the rooms in the house. If it gets too hot, it autodetects and reduces the temperature immediately and vice versa. There is no need to run around the house trying to regulate the temperatures manually. To make this even sweeter it’s important to remember that the Amazon echo listens to voice commands, so you can still give a command to either reduce or increase the temperatures when need be.

Proper lighting is also important which brings us to the third device on our smart home tech. The Phillips Hue bulb is currently the best at this. They come with their kit. You cannot change the color of the lighting, but you can alter the brightness of the lights to go with different moods. Another appliance is that of the bright décor of the curtains. Some smart homes also have voice commanded curtains that close up and open when ordered.

The Carbon Monoxide Smoke detector is critical in a smart home. There have been incidents where a short in one of the appliances have started fires and in such scenarios, the CO2 detector immediately sounds out an alarm when it senses any trace amount of carbon monoxide in the air. This device may to some extent save lives and keep valuable commodities from being destroyed.

Regarding security technology, innovations have come up with smart locks for doors. This just means that people no longer need keys to open doors because these stylish doors either have fingerprint verification locks, retina scan locks or passcode locks depending on what the homeowner prefers. This form of security is being adopted as it is nearly impossible to break into a house that has a state of the art security system. The door locks are most definitely accompanied with wireless cameras that monitor all rooms within the house and also outside the house. These cameras have their backup system to ensure that no footage is ever lost. The cameras have a wide view range for abroad coverage.

With all these smart home technologies it is imperative to integrate all of them into one: a central control system. Currently, the Samsung Hub is the best as it connects to a wide range of devices. Connecting all the devices to one system is a good idea to be able to monitor the efficiency and progress of the devices when need be.

All these smart home appliances can also be monitored by the owner even when he or she is not in the house. Because most of the devices are wireless, it is very much possible to have an app on one’s phone or tablet that allows them to monitor and get alerts from the device if there is something wrong. This goes a long way in diversifying the security of people’s homes as they can see everything that goes on in the house.

Although smart homes are reliable and efficient, they are susceptible to hacking as the devices are primarily computer engineered and can be infected by viruses that may upset the balance and how they function. Once they have been hacked, it is very easy to virtually do anything in that house or home as its defense system has been disabled.

It is crucial to adopt these smart home technologies as people are diving into ways that can enhance comfortable living. It is important to move with the changing times as being left behind in the analog era is no longer a viable option.

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