Hands-on Amazon Echo Review

Amazon Echo

Technology and innovation are taking the world by storm, at this rate, we will have flying cars by 2030. The newest product in the world of smart home technology is the Amazon echo. If you have heard of it, then consider yourself to be living in the digital. This device is by far one of the greatest inventions by the Amazon people; masses are over the moon about it for its functions, qualities and how their lives have been made simpler by it.

Amazon Echo

Alexa Voice Command

The Amazon Echo is fitted with the Alexa Voice Command tool that automatically follows the voice commands of the owner. The distance does not play a part in initiating a voice command because it is fitted with seven microphones that pick up or hear your voice from across the room. The speakers can play music all around the chamber at an awe-inspiring surround sound. It can also go as far as canceling out noise, for example, if you are hosting a party and your friends are the rowdy noise making type, the Amazon echo will rise above the occasion to make itself know, and its presence felt. I would say that for such a small gadget, the Amazon Echo is breaking ground into the homes of many if not all the people.

This being a gadget from Amazon, it provides a hands-free control for the Amazon music just by voice control. All you have to do is ask for your favorite song and it will start playing. If you have your music playlist set up, there is no need to worry. The Bluetooth device also works wonders; you can play music from your phone or tablet. Dancers and music lovers cannot get enough of this device. It just works magic. You can dance around the house without worrying about how the sound will get to you. This is because the Amazon echo is as powerful as it looks with its surround sound system.

The Alexa voice service can also read books to you. You may not have time to catch up on the reading assignment, and the Echo will sure have your back. If the book is in an audio form, you can be sure that the echo will read it to you if you just ask. I would personally say that the gadget is the best study buddy you can have. You can also get weather updates, traffic updates and also ask how your schedule is looking for the day ahead. Amazon Echo is simply the best assistant you never had.

The Alexa Voice Service is updated through the cloud, and it is continually learning functional skills. The more you use it, the more it comprehends your speech, accent, and vocabulary. You may find that the gadget can order take-out meals, or even call an Uber for you.

The best part of all is that this device when connected to other smart home appliances can work wonders around your home. You can easily control the lighting of your rooms, the temperatures, you can bump up the temp or reduce it depending on how what you prefer. The Amazon Echo is compatible with most if not all smart home appliances.

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