Why Blockchain Is the Future of Smarthomes

blockchain future of smarthomes

Privacy and Security are the major challenges in the Internet of Things (IoT) systems. This is due to the fact that IoT networks are scaled and distributed. Using blockchain is one of the solutions ever found. Blockchains provide a decentralized privacy and security system.

The blockchain is a database that can manage continuously expanding data records. It has a distribution with no main computer controlling the entire system. It is a chain where data gets in as participating nodes.

Blockchain is a layer which securely facilitates transactions and interactions between devices and the IoT. It is the backbone of the successful cryptocurrency, bitcoin.

It uses two major elements; Transactions which is recording the actions of users in the system. Blocks that records and stores the transactions, making sure that they are not tampered with.

Blockchains can secure smart homes IoT ecosystems. Private Blockchain stores cryptographic hashes of device firmware to reduce verification time. It also helps in detecting and resisting real-time tampers.

It is easier to incorporate into smart homes as most of the IoT are controlled by mobile apps. The user biometric gets fed into the system for identification and to prevent access by unauthorized sources. This is the best prospect of security in the IoT yet.
blockchains and the future of smarthomes

The future of Smart homes

Many people are fast embracing the new technology. Some of the reasons for the need of the smart homes are;

  • Peace of mind. Where one does not have to be at home full time to appear like they are home. Smart homes come with smart power plugs for controlling lighting.
  • One can easily watch the happenings in your home, when one has a watch and monitor This complete surveillance is a big leap for security in homes. It is also a great option to check on the kids.
  • The Automation and Energy spot allows a smart homeowner to control appliances from anywhere. One can switch the iron off even in the comfort of the office.
  • A smart home generally makes life easier and comfortable.

The more people get to own the smart homes, the more vulnerable security becomes. That is why smarthome product vendors must embrace block chains. It is not an option. It is more like having to use an antivirus on the computer systems.

Blockchain in use in the world today

Blockchain in use in the world today

The expansion of the use in the blockchain has been massive. Some companies are already applying them successfully. Telstra telecom uses blockchain to protect smart home IoT ecosystem. They store authentic and biometric data on private block chains. The blockchain, therefore, can notice the users of the system. As well as any abnormal activities.

Several other smart-home companies are most likely to follow suit in the use of blockchain. Other sectors too have also started using blockchain technology, notably in the manufacturing and agricultural sectors.

The implementation of blockchain has led to several developments in the field of Internet of Things. The system has provided a secure platform for interactions.

Some of the most used blockchain applications are Apache Hyperleger, Ripple, and Ethereum.

Challenges in using blockchain

A major hitch in using block chains is that it uses a lot of energy, experiences computational overhead, and at times delay. But this is being corrected as it is work in progress.

Malware on the mobile device from which the IoT system run can cause a hitch to the blockchain. This, however, is tackled by recording biometric data. Voice and facial recognition and fingerprints are some of the biometric details kept.

The blockchain technology is still in the early stages of development. Developers are still working on dealing with emerging issues. Given that up to now it has proven to be the best security in the smart homes IoT, it is set to be successful in a great way. It is likely that blockchain will become the gem in the IoT.

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In the long run, technology is set to revolutionize the way smart homes operate. All the innovations in solutions will make it a success. Several companies and individuals will trust and use it. This is to say that the future of the IoT is blockchain. What do you think about this? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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